Call for Papers

The Conference “Cooperation between Higher Education and World of Work: Sustainable, Innovative and Creative Perspective” provides an international platform for the exchange of leading-edge ideas and research findings on the key driving forces of higher education and world of work: creativity, innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. The Conference welcomes proposals from a variety of disciplines and perspectives that will contribute to the conference discourse, and invites theoretical, conceptual, empirical, managerial, case-study or methodological research perspectives along the following five thematic tracks:

Track 1: Creating an Innovative Digital and Entrepreneurial Society.
Track 2: Leading Higher Education into the Future: Developing Creative and Entrepreneurial Universities.
Track 3: Building Sustainable and Innovative Cultures.
Track 4: Creative Entrepreneurship: Innovative Issues in Business and Creative Industries.
Track 5: Innovation, Creativity for Impact on Cultural Heritage of the Country.